3 Hikes. 1 Weekend.


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3 hikes. 1 weekend

We went to Cuyamaca over the weekend of February 13-15. My boyfriend and I were trying to make an effort to wake up and watch the sunrise at the top of Stonewall Peak or Cuyamaca Peak. I had only watched the sunrise one other time in my life when I was 14 in Mexico. We had just got done building houses for some of the families from the local churches- it was one of most memorable experiences I’ve had.

Stonewall Peak is a 4 mile hike that has short switchbacks running along the backside of the mountain. Its a fairly easy hike with a huge reward at the top. Once you come to the base of the peak, you climb up about 2 flights of stairs with a handrail. At the top, 3 views will have a viewpoint description of what you’re looking at. Anza-borrego desert, Point Loma, and Mexico are all visible on a clear day. 3 hikes. 1 weekend

My boyfriend and I woke up around 5:30am Saturday morning. With a few beers and some water in hand, we power walked all the way up to the top. We didn’t manage to see the sunrise at the top but we were the first ones up there for the day and the view was absolutely amazing. As I cracked open my celebratory beer at the top and looked at the young sky, I remembered it was Valentines Day which made the moment even better! Continue reading

Mammoth Mountain RV Park


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mammoth mountain RV Park
*Photo courtesy of MammothRV.com

We recently took an impromptu trip up to Lake Tahoe. We were planning a road trip and I had never been up to Lake Tahoe- let alone, never planned a road trip. We are the type where we like adventure so we decided to “wing it”. Driving from San Diego to Tahoe is a long drive (about 10 hours) so we made an effort to bring our camping gear and find a place to tent camp overnight to break up the drive. We live in San Diego where there are far more campgrounds open this time of the year so we didn’t think it would be difficult to find a home for the night- boy were we wrong! Everywhere was closed until after at least April for tent camping. When I would call a place to see if they were open, they were shocked we wanted to tent camp in 20 degree weather with a chance of snow- I told you we liked adventure! Continue reading

Camping at Paso Picacho Campground


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Camping at Paso Picacho Campground

Paso Picacho at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

This past weekend, we headed up to Paso Picacho campground. Paso Picacho is one of two campgrounds that Cuyamaca Racho State Park offer. Boasting over 80 campsites, Paso Picacho has impressive amenities with a fire pit and picnic table at each site. Open year round, this is one of our top 3 campgrounds to spend the weekend!

Impromptu Snowboarding


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Snowboarding NYE

This past New Years Eve, the local weather channels were warning San Diego County with a storm watch. The snow levels dropped below 1,500 feet elevation. Communities that never see snow woke up with a white surprise. Temecula, Fallbrook, and Murrieta all saw a white New Years!

We headed up to Cuyamaca to test out our snowboarding skills- they had been hiding in the closet over 7 years!

Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year

Starting the year off right

Twas’ the day before New Years and to Southern California’s surprise, snow appeared all over the land! It was beautiful and definitely the right way to start off the new year! My boyfriend and I headed out to east San Diego to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. We grabbed out snowboards, firewood, some burgers, and our camping gear! We had camped in the snow a few years back so we knew we could handle it! Continue reading

Bear-ly Missed Him!


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Bear-ly Missed HIm

While we were camping in Angeles Nation Forest, we came across a few bear tracks! We happened to pass by a tree that had claw marks going up the trunk. The other 2 were prints in the ground that made it clear we were in bear territory! Now all I’m missing is a picture of an actual bear! Its on my nature-spotting bucket list!

Do you have any cool bear pics? Email them to girlycamping@Hotmail.com and I may feature them in an upcoming post!

Review: Camelbak All Clear Water Purifier


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Camelbak All CLear Water Purifier

A water purifier is always on my list of must-haves for backpacking and camping! To not have to worry about an unlimited water supply is a true stress relief! When you are out there in the hot sun, hiking for miles, and run out water, it’s nice to know that you can fill up at your local water hole! We used the MSR MiniWorks and it was great to us! It was convenient, light weight, affordable and most of all- clean! The only draw back is Continue reading


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