Bear-ly Missed Him!


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Bear-ly Missed HIm

While we were camping in Angeles Nation Forest, we came across a few bear tracks! We happened to pass by a tree that had claw marks going up the trunk. The other 2 were prints in the ground that made it clear we were in bear territory! Now all I’m missing is a picture of an actual bear! Its on my nature-spotting bucket list!

Do you have any cool bear pics? Email them to and I may feature them in an upcoming post!

Review: Camelbak All Clear Water Purifier


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Camelbak All CLear Water Purifier

A water purifier is always on my list of must-haves for backpacking and camping! To not have to worry about an unlimited water supply is a true stress relief! When you are out there in the hot sun, hiking for miles, and run out water, it’s nice to know that you can fill up at your local water hole! We used the MSR MiniWorks and it was great to us! It was convenient, light weight, affordable and most of all- clean! The only draw back is Continue reading

Kelty’s Trail Ridge 2 Tent


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kelty trail ridge 2 tent

As you may know, I have been in love with REI’s Half Dome 2 and to find a tent that goes beyond my expectations is a true accomplishment! I had the privilege to receive Kelty’s Trail Ridge 2 tent. This tent is lighter, wider, taller, and has larger vestibule area! Continue reading

Shame on Me… Blisters and why they keep coming back


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blisters while hiking

This weekend I did the ultimate no-no. Can you guess? That’s right, I hiked without breaking in my shoes. I thought “Sure I can backpack 5 miles out with new shoes! I’ve gotten blisters before but this is different!” Um.. no! Its that moment you haven’t reached your destination and your heals become raw. All you can think about is that you have to hike BACK as well. Here are a few tips that I need to consider: Continue reading

What’s In My Pack Tonight?


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what's in my pack

We are heading up tonight to the mountains and I had to pick up a few things. What are they you ask?
Apples: Great for hiking! Replenishes your thirst and hunger.
Salt & Pepper: With all the dehydrated meals we get, we need to spice ‘em up some way!
Rice: Instant rice doesn’t use up too much fuel for the stove and an easy meal!
Mio Energy: Water is great but to mix things up, try using powders or juice!
Pancakes: All you do is add water… amazing and delicious!
Jack Daniels: Why not?
Girly Camping hat: Why not?

I’ll let you know how the trip turns out!

Happy Camping :)

Obama Designates San Gabriel Mountains a National Monument


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backpacking angeles national forest

For the past 4 years, the San Gabriel Mountains stole my heart. Its no wonder they are now designating it as a National Monument. On October 10, President Obama set aside 346,000 acres of the San Gabriels to declare a National Monument in effort to link communities east of Los Angeles with the wild. With the San Gabriels lying in the Angeles National forest in Los Angeles county, this gives communities access to hiking, camping fly fishing, cycling, and panning for gold- all of which will not be affected. The monument boasts Alpine peaks and several endangered animals such as the California Condor, Nelson Bighorn sheep, and mountain yellow-legged frogs. As a national monument, the San Gabriels will honor existing property and water rights, public access and rights-of-way for roads and utility infrastructure, administration officials said.

Camping: 9 Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall


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transition from summer to fall

9 Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall

As summer is coming to an end, its time to put our bathing suits away and bust out the warmer sleeping bags to prepare for camping in the Fall. With cooler weather, shorter daylight, and more sight seeing, here are 9 ways to transition from Summer to Fall:

Experience warmer climates- Camping in the desert may be too extreme the summer but with the temperature dropping, Spring and Fall are the ultimate seasons to go camping in warmer climates.

Sip hot cocoa-Cooler weather means colder nights and what better way to warm up than with hot cocoa around the campfire!

Continue reading

11 Signs You Had a Memorable Camping Trip


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Active- memorable camping trip

I recently wrote an article for 11 Signs You Had a Memorable Camping Trip- see the full article here! Can you add to my list? Continue reading


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