Guest Post: Camping in Northern Utah


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camping_bear_lake_northern utah

By: Jessica Baker

Experience the Splendors of Northern Utah

Utah is known for its natural beauty and wealth of available camping experiences. More often than not, people think of Southern Utah as being the ultimate place to camp, with all of its red rock splendor; however, there are many pristine and gorgeous areas in Northern Utah that are amazingly beautiful and most are easily accessible. So, if you are looking for a new and wonderful place to camp and explore, check out these three Northern Utah camping destinations.

Explore the Vast Uinta Mountains

The Uinta Mountains, located in northeastern Utah, is a high mountain area popular for its fishing, hiking, horse packing and more. When you go camping in the high Uintas, you’ll be surrounded by towering pine trees and scenic meadow basins. There are also more than 1,000 natural lakes found in the Uintas, with more than half of those Continue reading

Disneynature Presents Bears…


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disney nature bears

If you are anything like me, you love watching documentaries of our planet earth- raw and real footage of Mother Nature and the great outdoors! Now, what if you combine that with Disney films? You get a heart felt story good for all audiences. Celebrate National Park Week by going to see Disneynature’s Bears- a film about the strength it takes to raise a family- no matter what the circumstance is. Continue reading

National Park Week Kick Off!!


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National Park Week Kickoff

Happy National Park Week!

It’s here! What we’ve been waiting for all year! Tomorrow officially kicks off National Park Week- April 19-27! Each spring, National Park Service and National Park Foundation come together to celebrate the history of over 400 national parks in America! Whether your a hiker, camper, animal lover, or photographer, our Nation’s parks are for just everyone!

To kick off opening weekend, there will be free admission to ALL parks Nation-wide! To find a park near you, visit! Stay tuned for more posts featuring National Park Week!

Backpack Review- Gregory Saga 55


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Gregory Saga 55

Here is the Gregory Saga 55 backpack. I love this backpack because of the large pockets, limited zippers for restricted space, and the adjustable straps to make this a custom-fit backpack!

Does anyone have a great backpack they love?!

Patterns of the Outdoors…


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Pattern Outdoor Cover

Trees, mountains, and wildlife make beautiful pictures but when you take those objects and really focus in, there may be a view you have never seen before. Here Continue reading

Teeki: The Hybrid Yoga Pant


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Teeki yoga surf hot pant

Lavender Diamond Tribe Hot Pant

Yoga pants have come a long way. The have taken a sporty, active pant to an everyday lifestyle pant. Now its completely acceptable to go work out at the gym then hit the café with your friends afterward without even changing! So why not throw in a surf sesh or dip in the pool before coffee with the girls? Well now you can with Teeki yoga pants. Teeki is a sustainable company based in California and is dedicated to saving the environment by recycling plastic bottles to make products you love!! Their versatility is what makes them stand out from the rest. Wear Teeki on a hike in the mountains, swimming laps at the pool, stretched out at the yoga studio, or getting barreled at the beach!

Continue reading

Camping And Hiking Through Los Angeles


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hiking camping los angeles

Tucked away behind the little town of Azusa lies the vast Angeles National Forest, a stomping ground for campers and hikers. If you take highway 39 to East Fork road and head to the end of the road, you’ll hit the trail that can take you anywhere- hiking, camping, bungee jumping, gold prospecting! Continue reading

7 Things to Look For in a Campsite


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backpacking angeles national forest

What to look for in a campsite

Wouldn’t it be nice to just roll up on a spot and think “Yep, this is the perfect spot to camp!” Well, from my experience, it doesn’t happen THAT often. There are several things you need to take into consideration- the toilet situation to the sleeping situation- here are 7 things you should consider when picking a camping spot: Continue reading


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