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pick up your trash pic

First there was graffiti that flooded the area now this: last weekend I was absolutely appalled at the trash around Heaton Flats campground in Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel mountains. Trash was everywhere! Below are some pictures I took of the waste left behind…Hasn’t anyone ever heard of LNT- Leave No Trace?! Leave No Trace is an organization that teaches people of all ages outdoor ethics. You should respect mother nature and leave it the way it was before you got there! If everyone can do me, you, and planet Earth a favor and pick up at least one piece of trash that ISN”T yours the next time your out, that would be a huge help! Visit www.LNT.org for the latest news and recent results in outdoor ethics and let’s keep planet Earth clean! Please feel free to share your thoughts on this issue!

Happy Camping… and CLEANING!