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10 tips for unpacking your gear

10 Tips for unpacking your gear and making the last bit of your trip less painful

You’ve had the best trip of your life! You saw unbelievable sights, cooked amazing meals, and made unforgettable memories. You’ve packed up your gear, drove the long trek home, and as exhausted as you are from your trip, you have one more task: to unpack your gear. But it doesn’t have to painful. It can actually be quick and organized! Here are 10 tips for unpacking your gear:

1.) Have a place for everything. Don’t just throw your gear in a dark closet and hope you can find it next time you go on a trip. Have a place for your backpack, chair, sleeping bag, cooler… When you know where it is, its easier to put away and grab it for next time.

2.) Keep your backpack full. You don’t have to unpack EVERYTHING. There are certain items that never leave my pack- first-aid kit, stove, camping jacket, even my sleeping bag lives in my backpack.

3.) Have your belongings separated from items that go in your house to items that stay in your bag. If you have multiple compartments, utilize them to make it easier for unpacking.

4.) Organize while packing up your gear. Whether your rolling up your sleeping bag or taking down your tent, have pride in your gear and pack it up with care. You won’t have to redo your packing when you get home.

5.) Air out your gear. If you notice your tent is damp, set it up in the backyard or family room while you unpack the rest of your gear. If not, you’ll risk getting mold in your humble abode.

6.) Throw out your trash. Make sure to throw away and recycle all unwanted items.

7.) Restock your stash if you used all your batteries, baby wipes, or salt and pepper. Replenish your first-aid kit and make note of any additional items you need so you aren’t left without it for your next trip.

8.) Do your part while outdoors. Clean your pots, pans, and cooking utensil after you use them so you don’t have to wash when you get home.

9.) Don’t procrastinate. You know it needs to be done- just do it right when you get home. You will feel accomplished afterward.

10.) Make it fun. Turn up the music, crack open a beer, and reflect on your latest trip while putting away your gear- it doesn’t have to be a chore!

Remember, this may not be the best part of your trip but it doesn’t have to be the worst! Your gear will live longer and you will be happy once its complete. Now kick up your feet and watch some TV- you deserve it!