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5 ways to stay stylish while roughin it

5 Ways to Look Stylish While Roughing It

By: Brooke Bastello

If you’re the type of girl that loves her fair share of outdoor activities you may have no problem signing up for a hike, long bike ride, or paddle board session. But just because you like the outdoors, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an expert when it comes to camping. Voluntarily sleeping in a tent for a few days and giving up your daily routine may be a little intimidating for some gals. How can you ever go a day without a decent shower or your daily essential products?! Well, if you find yourself committed to a camping trip you’re not so sure of, I have a few simple tips that will help you look and feel good while roughing it. You may not be an expert, but at least you can keep up with the guys and still feel like a lady.

  1.  Whether you’re camping in the mountains or in the desert, chances are your hair won’t be feeling as fresh as you like it to. Depending on your camping location, showering may not be an option, and even if it is, you won’t have all your tools there to coif your do just how you like it. Rather than dealing with an oily mess on top of your head for the duration of your trip, opt for an easy and cheap solution­—dry shampoo! One of my favorite products that I take with me everywhere, not just camping, is Dove’s invigorating dry shampoo from Target. This inexpensive dry shampoo instantly soaks up the excess oily and leaves your hair looking and feeling a lot better! It also smells amazing! If you’re going to be sharing a tent with someone, the least you can do is make sure you smell as clean as possible. Best of all, dry shampoo is so easy to use, you don’t even need a mirror. All you do is spray on your roots, brush through, and you’re done!
  2. Camping entails tons of outdoor activities, and that can also mean being out in the hot sun for hours on end. To protect your face and look stylish at the same time, I suggest wearing a cute and practical hat! I love this straw fedora from overstock.com because it’s a nice light hat that won’t make your head hot and the straw material gives it a cool and casual feel that won’t come off as overly dressy when your camping.
  3. In addition to protecting your face with a hat, most girls prefer wearing sunblock in addition to ensure they done get a sunburn. A great way to keep yourself looking good and protect your face at the same time is applying a small amount of tinted moisturizer to your face. For many girls, leaving home without a few make-up essentials is rough. Whether you love wearing mascara, lip-gloss, or some other product, you may feel naked without anything on your face. I love Stila’s tinted moisturizer from sephora.com because it’s light, soothing, and gives your face a nice glow that last all day. It also contains SPF 20, which will protect your face from the sun. This way, you can keep your face looking gorgeous, but you won’t be labeled as a princess for packing your entire make-up bag for a camping trip.
  4. Aside from maintaining your hygiene as best as you can, you want to make sure you pack the right clothing. When camping, comfort is very important, but if you’re the type of gal that likes looking stylish no matter what, picking out the perfect outfit combinations is important. I suggest packing dark colored pants, either stretchy jeans or yoga pants. Dark colors won’t show dirt as much as light colors, and the flexible material will allow you to move about freely throughout your wilderness adventures! I’m obsessed with these charcoal stretch skinny jeans from Nordstrom.com! They are a fun unique color that won’t look dirty right away, plus they are super comfy! You can easily wear them with boots or roll them up a bit and wear them with your favorite sneakers!
  5. Any fashionista knows that the best way to top off any outfit is with jewelry. Camping requires easy accessorizing that won’t get in the way and won’t make you look too done-up! I love emitations.com stud earrings because they offer every gal a cute accessory that effortlessly adds some sparkle to her camping attire. Express your personality and keeps things simple with any of their affordable stud earrings.

While not every girl is an expert in camping, every girl can easily maintain her style sense and her sanity while roughing it. These easy steps don’t take much out of you and can easily make your next camping trip a huge success!