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blonde money


Blonde Money

Hi Friends! I wanted to share with you my new blog- Blonde Money! Its your one stop blog to buckling down on paying your bills, expanding your savings, and getting closer toward your goals- all while making under $20 an hour! (Technically the dollar amounts budgeted can work for someone making $10 before taxes).

I have budgeted out the entire year with my projected bill payments for my 2 recent knee surgeries ($2,217), car payment, insurance, a savings plan of $110 per check (to hopefully save $6,600 by December), and some bucks left over monthly for food, gas, and other miscellaneous spending. I will be tracking my savings and bill paying for the entire year. If you are into that stuff or if you promised yourself 2014 is your year to start focusing on your savings- follow me and let’s do this together!

Its not about how much you make- its about making a commitment and sticking to a budget!

Happy Savings!