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8 ways to keep cool while camping pic
Here in Southern California, we are having record breaking heat! Its hot but don’t let that stop you from camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors! Here are 6 ways to keep cool-

  1. Where light colors. Keep away from black or dark- if you wear black, your just asking for it!
  2. Drink lots of water! I have a water purifier pump I bring with me so I can get water from streams- its a life saver! Invest in one!
  3. If you’re near a river and don’t have ice (when your backpacking), put drinks in a river or stream to keep them cool.
  4. And while you’re at it- jump in that river!! What better way to cool off?!
  5. Set up camp in the shade! Its amazing how much cooler shade is!!
  6. Bring fruit to stay hydrated like oranges.
  7. Remember that its hot! Don’t over due activity like hiking- its hot so be careful!
  8. Bring a cooling aloe vera after sun protection to moisturize- it cools down the temperature of your skin.

Does anyone have other good tips???