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camping outdoors
I have my 5 Reasons to go Camping but I was curious to what everyone else was motivated by! I was reading Inside Outdoor Magazine and the Outdoor Foundation reported the motivation behind why people go camping for 2012. Their study was conducted between campers 18 years and up.

“What is the main motivation for camping?”

Campers, Ages 18+

  • Camping itself     33%
  • To escape the grind     23%
  • An equal mix of camping and sports activities     13%
  • To teach my kids/the next generation about the outdoors     10%
  • To meet family and friends     7%
  • To enable participation or competition in other sports or active pursuits     6%
  • To save money compared to other vacation options     3%
  • To stay close to an event without a hotel     2%
  • To see the outdoors     2%

I can’t believe only 2% go camping to see the outdoors! I think my main motivation would be camping itself! What’s your motivation?