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I wasn’t sure where to fit this “Beauty Prep” in so here it is- just a few tips on prepping for your camping trip!

1.) I always take a shower before I go. You are gone for at least a day or two- and in the dirt! Trust me- you will be happy you washed you hair, shaved your legs, and did everything it is you do in the shower!

2.) I know this is anti-camping code but this is a GirlyCamping.com… I always curl my hair before I go. Now I don’t bring my curling iron with me!! I just curl it before I leave on my trip! I curl my hair everyday because its fine and makes it look thicker! When my hair is curled and I sleep on it, it tends to look fuller and more of a “ready” look in the morning.

3.) Don’t get your nails done!!! They get dirty anyway! Get a mani and pedi when you get back- it will feel that much better! I always file my nails down just in case! Who wants to break a nail while camping?! On the nail subject, put a clear coat on- not color. I can’t stand it when color chips and I end up picking at it. Leave color behind and say hello to nude… color that is!

4.)If you are self conscious about your non-exsisting tan, paint one on! Self tanner works great and it’s instant! Don’t forget to wash your hands though- no one like orange hands!

5.) This has nothing to do with beauty but just a tip- before you leave on a camping trip, clean your house and most importantly- do your dishes!! I am exhausted when I get back from a camping trip and the last thing I want to do is clean the house and wash dishes! Plus, you are going to have a pile of dirty clothes to do already! Save yourself the work and do a quick clean up before jetting off to Mother Nature!