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This weekend we took a trip to our usual spot in the Angeles Mountains. We always camp near a river and at sundown you can find us making dinner and cracking beers but my boyfriend got an inkling to dig some dirt and pan for gold. I took my camp chair and headed right down to river to read “Babes in the Woods”- and instructional book for well… babes in the woods. A beginner would find all sorts of useful tips!

All of a sudden I see a swarm of dragonflies hovering over the water and this makes me extremely uncomfortable! I am NOT a fan of bugs! You know that Plain White Tees song “Hate is a strong word but I really really really don’t like you”? Well, I HATE bugs and insects! Even these dragonflies- big, flying insects! With that name you would expect them to breath fire in your face!

After my panic attack, I started watching them closely- their movement, interaction with the other fire-breathing flies- and actually, they wanted nothing to do with me! They weren’t attacking me or plotting my death- they were playful with their fly friends and probably trying to score a mate! Who was I to interject with that??!!

Later a moth landed on our radio and I was going to swat it off but it started spinning in circles to the music- dancing! All this moth wanted to do was party with us! Moral of the story- bugs aren’t that bad!!

Happy Camping!!  🙂