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I am a girly-girl VERY much so and I plan on keeping it that way- I like myself! But when I’m camping, I still have freak out moments at little bugs and cold weather so from time to time I have to remind myself to get over it! It doesn’t help to sit there and complain about it- DO something about it! Here are some tips on “Preparing for the Unknown” and “I can’t believe that just happened” moments!

– Cold weather? Be prepared! Always look at the weather report where ever you go! I always keep a jacket in my backpack no matter how hot it is! Another idea- get moving! Don’t just sit there in the cold! Walk around and get that heart rate up! No better way to warm up then going on a nature hike!

-Warm weather? Sit in the shade! Be low key and hydrate tons!! Hot weather is tricky because you can get very dehydrated and come down with heat stroke! If the weather is too hot in the desert or mountain areas- don’t go! It will always be there for you at a cooler temperature and you will enjoy it more!

-Bugs buggin’ you?? Stop looking at them- or watching them! I tend to do this (read my dragonfly story on Buggin’ Out post) and it makes it worse! Also, the only time you really need to panic is if a bee is on your arm and you didn’t bring your epipen- then its your fault- shame on you! In all reality, bugs aren’t out to get you! If you are relaxed- so are they!

-Snakes, mountain lions, and bears- Oh My! Always check what wildlife is out there before you go! We bring bear mace because there are bears in the forest and we like to be prepared! Read up on what to do when around these animals so you have a better understanding of how to protect yourself We make it known we are camping in our spot when in the wild. We make lots of noise (not continuously through the weekend like we are partying) so animals are aware of our presence. Again, don’t freak out and always remain calm!

Now for the “I can’t believe that just happened” section…

– Your time of the month comes a little too soon- I have a nice little story to go along with that (Packing Part Two…). All I can say is NEVER leave home without feminine goods!! Moving on…

– Picture this- you are sitting around the camp fire among friends- old and new- indulging in adult beverages and hot dogs when all of a sudden “veerrrppp” (that’s a fart sound). O.M.G.! Three solutions: 1.) Blame someone else 2.) Ignore and just move on 3.) Own up to it …. or you can avoid it completely and stay AWAY from flatulent foods and bubbly beverages! I like eating the high fiber whole wheat bread but guess what- not so good for camping! So just save yourself the embarrassment and stick to foods you know- unless of course you can get over it and just enjoy yourself!

– So lets say you wanted to enjoy your double fiber whole wheat peanut butter sandwich but- uh oh! Now you gotta go! There are no bathrooms around and you may have to do the unthinkable- poo in the woods! Instead of cramping up and holding it in until civilization, you know what needs to be done- you gotta let it go! Just get over it, dig a hole, and let it go! You will feel so much better when you do and once you do it once, you will say “that wasn’t so bad”! Its like peeing in the ocean- everybody does it! And what better way to get in tune with nature than squat like your fellow forest friends? 🙂

Happy Camping!!