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coleman sleeping pad

When I first started camping, it was pretty costly. We had to buy the tent, sleeping bag, stove, backpack, and the list goes on and on. Its safe to say we wanted to get products at a cheap price. We needed a sleeping pad and the cheapest one we found was a Coleman sleeping pad for $30 at Walmart. They claim its self-inflating and holds up al night but you have to blow it up yourself multiple times during the night. You don’t get a good night sleep while using this pad- and a good night’s sleep is super important to me!

rei trekker sleeping pad

We were on a quest to find a good sleeping pad. We love REI and every product we’ve bought from there has lived up to its name. My boyfriend bought me the REI Women’s Trekker sleeping pad and its been great! This is a self-inflating pad as well, but I always end up blowing it up more because I like a more firm sleeping pad. This pad does hold up all night and is very comfortable. Its 2.8 lbs, 1.75 inches thick, and actually fits back into the bag like all REI products. Its $69.50 but completely worth it to dish out a little cash for a great product! I would recommend this pad to all the ladies! They have a men’s 1.75 trekker my boyfriend uses and he loves it!

I would always start out cheap and work my way up by upgrading because 1.) you don’t want to dish out cash for a product you don’t like, and 2.) I’m always way more appreciative for my products when I start from the bottom. Does anyone have anyone have any advice or products the love when it comes to sleeping pads?