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Stonewall Peak
I feel the need to redeem myself after my reblogging of Packing Part Two full of scarves, leggings, and lipgloss! Just because I want to look pretty while camping doesn’t mean I can’t handle it! I am by far not the gnarly, baddest camper ever- I just like to have fun and take pics!  But people like to tell me how much of a wuss I am and that this is too girly so to redeem my girly camping ways, I compiled a small list of things I feel make me badass from over the last 9 months of camping, hiking, and other excursions. Good comments or bad, I welcome them all! So… here are a few things that justify my “girly” camping:

    • pumping water directly from the stream to hydrate myself (everyone should invest in one!)
    • carrying 40 lbs on my back to hike a few miles in the forest.
    • camping one month after my 8th knee surgery while I was still on crutches.
    • falling into rocks while hiking Stonewall Peak (it doesn’t look like much but it left a nice scar)
    • I can catch fish too…
    • camping in the snow… lots of snow!
    • hanging with the boys and drinking brewskies while kicking butt at beer pong

Happy Camping, Hiking, and anything else you to do feel like a badass 🙂