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3 out of 4 of my reblogging! Happy camping!

Girly Camping®

Ok, now that we’ve covered the big stuff in “Packing Part One…” we can move on to the fun part: clothing, accessories, toiletries, and other stuff! Clothing is mainly divided into two categories: warm weather and cold weather. Now remember- I live in Southern California! I am not experienced with extreme cold weather and I will be the first to admit it BUT I am a wimp and I have been FREEZING on camping trips so let me tell you how I avoid it. Always check the weather on where you’re going ahead of time. Being prepared is the number one thing you can do! I ALWAYS bring a big chunky scarf in my pack no matter what. If you are going into super cold climate invest in a down jacket- they are pricey but totally worth it! Look into Patagonia for a down jacket. They roll up into a…

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