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paso picacho snow
If any of you saw my Snow Camping blog, let me say this: camping with snow on the ground and camping while its snowing are two totally different things!! This trip this past weekend was the most challenging, yet epic, camping weekend! I didn’t even listen to some of my snow camping quick tips (shame on me) but I learned a whole lot more on how to prepare for real snow camping! Here are the highlights of our trip:

  • Weather forcast predicts huge storm hitting San Diego mountains- we say “Let’s go!”
  • Snow starts hitting us at 4,000 feet elevation. Ask a guy on the side of the road if we need to put our chains on, he says “Heck No!” (should of listened!)
  • Get to site where we strugled to pull in to the spot due to lack of chains
  • Go for a hike and find what would be an awesome sledding hill and carve out a path
  • Get back to site and jeans, shoes, socks are soaked (only brought 2 pairs of shoes and socks, 1 pair of pants)
  • Friends arrive and check into a cabin next to us- stay out of the snow for majority of the night.
  • Wake up in the middle of the night having to pee while it feels like a blizzard outside! (not fun!)
  • Wake up in the middle of the night (again) to find our tent collapsing in because of the heavy snow- bent our tent poles
  • Wake up- shoes, socks, pants still wet- and friends set up horse shoes (horse shoes in the snow! How rad is that!)
  • Go for a beverage run because we drank everything the night before
  • Set up beer pong outside… in the snow! Again, how rad is that?!
  • Go for an “adventure hike” and find sledding hill
  • Attempt-to but fail miseribly at sledding
  • Cook a grip of food and go to bed early
  • Wake up at 7 AM (6 AM because of daylight savings) and head home.

All-in-all it was awesome! Just wish I was prepared more with the clothing, shoes, and gloves because I was freezing- but other than that- Awesome!