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7 tips for snow camping

Today we are headed back up to one of our favorite spots- Paso Picacho at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park! We are doing a little more preparing than usual because a storm is supposed to hit while we are there! I wanted to share some quick tips for camping in the snow 🙂

  1. Bring sleeping pads and blankets to separate you from the ground! Its essential!!! The ground is freezing and just a sleeping bag WILL NOT cut it! Our friends came with us and didn’t have sleeping pads. They lasted about 2 minutes before they headed off to their car for the rest of the night!
  2. Buy firewood ahead of time so you know its dry. Last time we bought firewood at the campsite and it rained a few days before hand. The wood got wet and when we used it for a camp fire, it was too smokey! I didn’t think wood could get too smokey but when its does, it gives you a headache and can ruin your night!
  3. Bring chains with you. 2 scenarios can happen- 1.) You have an awesome time up there but when heading back, the roads are too icey or snow-filled and you can’t get past it. 2.) You pack you gear, load up your car, start driving and have to turn around because chains are required! Either way- both suck so be prepared!
  4. When setting up your tent and the snow level allows it, dig to the ground and cut out the shape of your tent! Again, snow is cold and you don’t want to sleep directly on it!
  5. Take a shovel along! Its good for several reasons when snow is involved- digging out your tent, digging out your car, digging out a hole to poo in… the options are endless!
  6. Don’t underestimate how cold it can get- especially when wind is a factor! If you have room in your car or backpack, bring that extra jacket, leggings, long underwear, even blanket!
  7. Bring shoes that can get wet! I made the mistake of bringing my soft, ultra worn-in UGG boots and They got so soaked that my socks got wet! Newer UGG boots would have been better but these were not the right choice!

No matter what just be prepared! All my tips are speaking from experience of our first time camping in the snow 2 weeks ago- and I learned from them! Hopefully I will have some more tips on Monday 🙂

Happy Camping!