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Happy New Year

Starting the year off right

Twas’ the day before New Years and to Southern California’s surprise, snow appeared all over the land! It was beautiful and definitely the right way to start off the new year! My boyfriend and I headed out to east San Diego to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. We grabbed out snowboards, firewood, some burgers, and our camping gear! We had camped in the snow a few years back so we knew we could handle it! We got up there around 4pm before the sun was setting and found a fire road close by that was covered with snow. After hiking up a bit, we chugged our beer at the top of the mountain, tightened our boots, and rode down! It was a blast (by the way- we both hadn’t snowboarded in about 7 years)!

After going up and down the mountain a few times, we set up our tent and started up the fire. We cooked our burgers, drank beers around the fire until midnight, then headed to bed. After a good night sleep, we knew we had to go back down the mountain one more time before we left! We made ourselves a yummy sausage breakfast and grabbed our boards. To our surprise, a lot of the snow had melted. The sun was blaring and we were racing against time. We went down the mountain while trying to avoid the pockets of asphalt and rocks the sun had exposed! We packed up our gear and thought to ourselves “This is going to be a good year!”

Happy New Year!!