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Let's Go Kiddo- Ki'ds harness

Photo courtesy of http://www.kiddogear.com

At first, I was not a fan of putting kids on leashes. I think hand holding is efficient enough BUT… I don’t have kids so who am I to judge. I received the Let’s Go Kiddo kid’s harness to review and even though I don’t have kids, I was up for the challenge of “borrowing” a niece, nephew, or friend’s kid and testing this out. Me and the tot (whose name and identity I would like to remain anonymous) trekked up Cowles mountain in San Diego to test this sucker out. Putting the harness on was not too big of a struggle. I would typically have a hard time changing a kid’s clothes, let alone put on a harness but I was able to do it so that says a lot!

Let's Go Kiddo harness

Photo courtesy of http://www.kiddogear.com

This kid had energy and spunk so I was quite glad a first when I had the harness. I guess kids just like to make a run for it every chance they get and but especially with it being rattle snake season in Southern California, I was very glad I had this harness to help control the kid’s curiosity. I didn’t feel like I was holding them back or they were holding me back from the hike. Once we made it to the top I felt this didn’t get the use it should have… but then we trekked down and I really felt the harness was put to the test.

Cowles is an easy hike for hikers, but not for 5 year olds so when coming down, there were times he could have slipped but the harness prevented any injury and bad falls from happening. Here are some great scenarios for the Let’s Go Kiddo Kid’s harness (whether on the trail or not):

  • wildlife and rattlesnakes
  • elevation changes
  • river crossings
  • steep narrow trails
  • large groups of people
  • snow
  • amusement park
  • airports

Check out Kiddo Gear and help get your little one in tune with nature!