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There are unspoken rules of the dirt trail and I’m here to list off a few (feel free to tell me your rules of trail!)….

  • Always say “hi” when passing by- Even if its a smile, we are all here because we love the outdoors so share a friendly smile or hello 🙂
  • If you are slowing other hiker’s behind you, move to the side- Just like driving, you hate getting stuck behind a slow driver. The proper etiquette is to move over when holding up the lane!
  • If you are approaching hikers in the opposite direction and you have a larger group, move over and let them pass first.
  • Don’t hike through someone’s campsite. If its the only way to go, acknowledge your fellow outdoor lovers and say “excuse me” and “hi” when passing through.
  • When passing hikers, let them know you’re passing “On your left”
  • When hiking in a group, hike single file.
  • Stay to the right and pass on the left.
  • Leave tech devices at in your pack- No texting while hiking! I take photos while I’m hiking but I always make sure no one is behind me so I don’t slow them down.
  • Leave No Trace- Don’t throw your granola bar wrapper on the ground!
  • Be courteous of others around you. If there are kids around, try to cut down the cursing or foul talk.

Ok, what are some of your unspoken rules of the trail?!