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Safety Tips for the Outdoors

Whether you’re going for a day hike or a 2 week backpacking trip, you always need to stay safe and use your best judgment. Here are 8 safety tips for the outdoors:

  1. Don’t talk about the valuables you’re leaving in your car. Whether you are stashing your favorite sunglasses or jewelry you forgot to take off, you don’t want to give a reason for anyone to be curious what’s in your car. Try your best not to leave any valuables in your car but if you must, have a designated spot that you cannot see looking through the windows. If its designated, you won’t have to say “Hey honey, where should I leave my diamond ring while we’re gone?”
  2. Carry protection with you. Its always smart to be prepared no matter what the circumstance. If you’re heading into bear country, bring some bear mace. If you’re hiking along a trail, bring a knife with you for protection. Always be prepared and have a plan of action! Some travelers bring guns bring with them. Be sure to know all rules and regulations and always know how to use the protection you bring!
  3. Make noise when hiking (especially at night). No one likes to be startled- especially wildlife! Be sure to make noise while hiking so you don’t startle anyone or anything while out on the trail.
  4. Bring an emergency kit. Some people have the misconception of what is in an emergency kit. They only think its for life or death situations when really, it can be used for everyday use. Convenient items consist of band aids, aspirin, tampons for the ladies, and gauze. Being prepared for any situation can make you feel more safe and you can handle situations with a clear head.
  5. Tell someone where you’re going and when you will return. This is so important to follow- especially when you’re out where there is no cell phone service! If you were to get lost and no one knew you were out in the first place, how would they know to send rescue to look for you? You’d never think it would happen to you until its too late…
  6. Use your head and your gut. If something seems off or doesn’t feel right, take yourself out of the situation. Our intuition is an amazing feeling and sometimes it can be spot on.
  7. Always follow the trail. If you aren’t an experienced hiker, don’t try to test your limits If you start wondering off you could get separated from your group, run into furry friends, or get lost. Stick to the well-traveled trail and you should be good!
  8. Practice fire safety. Fire is a powerful thing and if you aren’t smart about it, you could start a forest fire- literally! Be aware of the temperature, wind factor, environmental surroundings (thick brush). Check out more fire safety tips: “Fire Safety” and “How to build a safe fire during high winds”.

What are some more outdoor safety tips?