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Fire Safety how to build a fire

WARNING: This post is for educational and survival purposes only! Do not attempt to build a fire during high winds or where prohibited!

Picture this: You’re stranded in the middle of no where- lost and cold. The one thing you need to boost your moral and survival rate is a fire but the winds are blowing 40, 50, even 60 MPH- what do you do? Here is a guide to building a safe fire during high winds:

  1. Find a spot away from brush- high winds and a fie is a recipe for a disaster and a forest fire! Getting away from any and all brush, tree limbs, and excess forest is a must!
  2. Find a rock to block winds. If you have access to some sort of wind shield use it!
  3. Gather large rocks and small rocks (ranging from 1-10 lbs)
  4. Start with large rocks as your base and stack about 1-2 feet high alternating with small rocks to fill in the gaps.
  5. Use sand to cover the bottom base of the fire.
  6. Light that fire!
  7. If you find not enough oxygen is getting to the fire, make a gap at the bottom for air to come in (but not large enough to put out the fire).

Key things to remember is to keep the total circumference of the fire is small- we are going for survival, not roasting marshmallows. Stack rocks high enough so flames do not escape. If you find the fire has too many gaps, use smaller rocks. For fire safety tips visit www.smokeybear.com.

Does anyone else have safety tips for building a fire?