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– When setting up camp, look at the regulations for fire building. Some areas prohibit it – and its for a reason!

– If it doesn’t prohibit fire building, be aware of the weather- is it dry and hot? Maybe you should try to go without the fire!

– If you are building, make sure it is 15 feet away from tents, trees, shrubs, and low hanging branches.

– Never leave a campfire unattended!!!!

– Try to allow fire to burn to ashes before fully extinguishing it.

–  Pour LOTS of water on fire until hissing sound stops.

– If you don’t have water, use dirt.

– After putting fire out, stir with shovel to make sure all embers are out.

For how to properly build a fire and for more safety tips, visit www.smokeybear.com.

Happy Camping and BE SAFE!