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Women's 2 season backcountry bed sierra designs

It was like Christmas morning! I received a package at my front door of the Backcountry Bed from Sierra Designs! If you haven’t heard of this amazing sleeping bag, this 2014 Editor’s Choice from Backpacker Magazine is an innovative design that leaves you comfy and warm. There are 6 main features to this bag:

Sierra Designs backcountry bed

  1. Zipperless Design– The Backcountry Bed is a zipperless design with intentions to have a less complicated, easy and effortless night’s sleep.
  2. Versatile Comforter– Whether you sleep on your back, side, or belly, this sleeping bag will let you move, bend, and sleep just like you would if you were at home!
  3. Foot Vent- Do you get hot while sleeping? Do you like to let your feet be free and get some air? You can easily slip your feet in and out of the foot box vent without dealing with zippers! On cold nights, the footbox vent stays closed- draft-free!
  4. Hand/Foot Pockets- Use the hand pockets on the comforter to easily tuck yourself in at night at seal off the cold! For warmer nights, tuck your hands away while your arms cool off outside of the bag.
  5. Cantenary Shaped Opening– By making the opening to the bag smaller than the width, this allows you to stay insulated and warm during cold nights. Use the hand pockets to tuck in the comforter and really seal in the warmth!
  6. Sleeping Pad Sleeve- Have you had your sleeping pad move on you during the night? Do you feel disconnected from it? Secure your pad directly to you bag with the sleeping pad sleeve to experience the comfort of your bed at home.

The Women’s 2-season Backcountry Bed I received weighs 2lbs 10oz and has a temperature rating of 32 degrees for comfort and 22 degrees limit. Be on the lookout for my video review coming soon!!