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beer pong

When we went camping in the snow, I was afraid we would be sitting in the tent the entire time! Fortunately, we had some beer, cups, and a picnic table! When you are looking for a great game while drinking, we always turn to beer pong! It never fails for an amazing time! And it warmed us up while in the snow!

Not sure how to play? What you need: cups, ping pong ball, table, beverage of choice. You have 2 teams with your team mate on the same side of the table. Set up 12 cups in a triangle on opposing sides. Pour your beverage of choice into the cups about 1/4 full (or how ever much you choose) When its your turn, each player tries to throw your ball into the cups. If a ball lands in the cup, the opposing team drinks that cup. The object of the game is to sink all the balls into the cups first. If you miss a cup, its the other teams throw. There are many different rules for this game so click here for official rules! Always be responsible when drinking!

Happy Camping!