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Handicap camping pic

Anyone can be a camper

My reader, Roxanne, reached out to me asking about information on handicap camping. Its funny because I do know about! I am a veteran to knee surgeries- I have 8 under my belt- and I have gone camping on crutches! Its not easy but it is do-able! Whether you are in a wheel chair, on crutches, or have arthritis, you can still camp! Here are some quick tips on camping for anyone who is disabled:

  • Go to a campground- you can get all the amenities you need easily.
  • Camp at a campground with handicap access. These are specially marked spots that can only be reserved by someone with a handicap placard or license plate. These tend to be flatter grounds for wheel chair access.
  • Make sure the campground has ADA accessible bathrooms and showers. If they have handicap spots, they usually have restrooms and showers as well.
  • Check out the campground or call to see if they have easily accessible dining area/ picnic table.
  • Get a big tent, like a family tent, so you don’t have to crouch over. That is a huge advantage for someone with weak knees!
  • If you have trouble getting up and down from your sleeping bag, try a cot. They add a lot of room to your gear but its worth it!

We go camping at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park in East San Diego and they have handicap access. I read Yosemite has handicap spots, however, non-disabled persons can reserve the spots so… not sure how that works? I found a site called Handicapped Travel Club that list parks and what kind of access they have. If anyone has any other tips, please feel free to share!

Happy Camping!!