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This was one of my first posts about preparing for your camping trip. I wanted to re-release it because I feel there is a lot of good stuff in it. I have learned so much more now so I may have to rewrite it but here it is: Preparing for the trip!

Girly Camping®

So you’ve decided you want to go camping but you don’t know where to begin?!! The most important part about your trip is where you are going and who you are going with! First, take into consideration the weather. If you are going somewhere hot is there shade or a river? If its cold can you build a camp fire? I also like to look at the pattern of weather one week ahead of time. In Southern California you can have it be 90 degrees one day and tomorrow its 60 degrees- I know 60 degrees isn’t cold for any one else in the United States but for Southern California it is!

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