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diva cup

The Diva Cup

I was really skeptical… and still am… but when I glanced by this product at REI I didn’t know what it was! A cup.. for a Diva? Like one you drink out of? Not quite!!! So if you haven’t heard of this, like me, it is an alternative to feminine hygiene products such as tampons and pads. It is supposed to be cleaner than other products. If any guys read this I don’t want to gross them out so just hit the “like” button and read a different entry on www.GirlyCamping.com. Anyway… you basically wear the cup where you would a tampon, it fills up, and you dispose of the contents. Ladies love this product because you don’t need a restroom to dispose of this while camping. I read the reviews on REI’s website, along with a few others, and it is incredible! Once girls use this, they don’t go back! For more feminine camping products check out the Go Girl!