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This weekend is going to be a fun one! My friends and I are heading into the mountains in east San Diego. I’ve never been to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park but I’ve heard its beautiful- especially when trying to catch a meteor shower like tonight! However, the only draw back is when I was watching my FOX 5 News this morning and Chrissy Russo told me the mountain areas were going to be cold with a slight chance of rain. I’m no stranger to cold weather camping but my number one rule to surviving AND having fun is being prepared! Usually we backpack in so I can’t take certain items like firewood and a camping stove but this has camping spots and picnic tables so for me, this weekend is a treat! Take a look at my list when packing for cold weather (along wihth a few other neccessities).

Packing for Cold Weather

-Hand Warmers
-GoPro Camera and regular camera
-Leggings for under jeans
-Jeans (1 pair)
-Patagonia R1 Pullover (perfect for layering)
-Billabong snowboarding jacket (too old to remember the style name)
-Tall socks
-UGG boots (Classic Tall)
-Blanket (use it for sitting around campfire and over sleeping bag)
-Notebook for writing
-December issue of InStyle
-Bananas and Apples
-Twinkies (because they just announced they are bankrupt and I gotta squeeze in all the Twinkies I can)
-Sleeping Bag
-Camping Stove
-BB Gun

Happy Camping!