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blisters while hiking

This weekend I did the ultimate no-no. Can you guess? That’s right, I hiked without breaking in my shoes. I thought “Sure I can backpack 5 miles out with new shoes! I’ve gotten blisters before but this is different!” Um.. no! Its that moment you haven’t reached your destination and your heals become raw. All you can think about is that you have to hike BACK as well. Here are a few tips that I need to consider:

  • Wear taller socks- don’t wear ankle socks wear your heal is already exposed. Invest in socks that cover your heals.
  • Put on band aids (or moleskin) before you hike- If you are prone to blisters no matter what, try to add an extra layer.
  • Get wet- If you have blisters and you are near a river, trout through the water. The cooling sensation will help alleviate pain.

For more tips on preventing and dealing with blisters, check out my 6 tips. Feel free to add any tips!