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take a load off- 5 items i ditched from my pack

With all the gear we take outdoors, there are a few items we could afford to lose. Here are 5 items I ditched and why I moved on…

  1. Lantern– I love my lantern! I’ve played hundreds of card games under it and carried it with me for miles on night hikes BUT I discovered something- the head lamp! I know, right?! It took that long for me to cave in but I love my head lamp! It is light weight and small, fitting perfectly into my front pocket of my backpack for easy, quick access.

  2. Water Filter- When heading outdoors, we used to pack our MSR water filter and our Nalgene water bottle. Now I’ve ditched the water filter and the water bottle and went with the Camelbak All Clear. This is a water bottle with UV technology built in to filter your water, whether its tap, stream, or spigots. You can’t beat 2 in 1!
  3. Excess Clothing– This always tops my list but its only because I had to learn the hard way! You don’t need clothing options- and you definitely don’t need more than 1 pair of jeans! Jeans are built to be durable- even if they get dirty, wear ’em again! This goes for sweatshirts, socks, t-shirts, and shoes as well- just bring what you need and call it a day!
  4. Excess Food– Just like clothing, bring what you need! You don’t need to bring a grip of food- you may not even eat it and it may spoil! Just plan out your meals with a few extra power bars and you’ll be good to go!
  5. Wine Bottle– Now calm down- I didn’t say WINE- I said wine BOTTLE! I was introduced to the Platypus Wine Preservation System (wine bladder) and its a-maze-ing-guh! I am a true wino and I absolutely love wine so I had to make sure I was getting a product that can store wine and not change the taste. This exceeded all my expectations and then some. It holds one bottle of wine (750 mL) and as you drink it, it collapses for an easy pack!

Are there any items that have casually left your backpack?