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Camping is a great activity- especially with your loved ones! There’s nothing better than heading out to Mother Nature, gettin’ dirty, and exploring a little bit. Sometimes fuses can get cut short and trips don’t turn out the way we want them to- so the last thing you want is to argue or have a disagreement! Here are 6 tips to camping with your partner:

  1. Have set duties– Maybe both of you share the responsibilities for setting up the tent or one of you cooks and the other one gathers firewood. Either way- you know your role, what’s expected of you, and you’re pitching in (just like at home, right? 🙂 )
  2. Be courteous– This is a vacation and you want to relax but sometimes it can be stressful! Just remember, this is for both of you to get away and have fun- just be extra nice to each other!
  3. Take a nature walk– Nothing like a romantic stroll into the wild- am I right? If you’re camping with friends or family, spend some time alone and enjoy the outdoors just the two of you!
  4. Compromise– This isn’t about one person or the other- its about both! So if one of wants to go beach camping and the other wants to go camping in the mountains- try compromising! Let one person pick the location and the other pick the food!
  5. Be Thrifty– Camping is sleeping outside…. you can camp for next to nothing. If you don’t have gear, don’t go blow your money on a new set up- borrow gear or improvise! If you have a tent but no sleeping bag, grab some blankets. Don’t go for the filet mignon at dinner time- try a good ol’ hot dog on the fire! Most couples fight about money anyway- keep it cheap and everyone is happy!
  6. Don’t Give Up! Let’s say the first camping trip wasn’t the best, talk about what you enjoyed and what you didn’t and make a commitment to try it again- I PROMISE you- its really fun 🙂