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8 outdoor activities to do this summer

Are you looking for some new activities to try this summer? Take a look at 8 outdoor activities perfect for you, your friends, your significant other, your kids, and even grandma!

  1. Hiking– What better way to get in touch with nature than to walk through it! Hiking is a great exercise that allows you to get close and personal with some trees and dirt! Hiking is great for all levels of skill. Try an easy hiking trail- fit for families and beginners- or test your skills with an advanced trail!

  2. Camping– Camping is a great intro into the outdoor world! You can find campsites with all the amenities you need- bathroom, shower, washer and dryer. Heck, you don’t even have to tent it! You can rent motor homes where they bring the motor home to your campsite, set it up, and drive it off when your done! And of course, you can venture off to campsites with no amenities and put your skills to the test!

  3. Backpacking– Is hiking and camping separately not enough for you? Combine them and go backpacking! Backpacking is great because you can pack up and hit the trail. You get to pick where you camp for the night. Backpacking tends to be more private too- no hassle with campgrounds.

  4. Photography– Want a more mellow activity? Pick up your camera or iPhone and go outside! I never realized how much I loved photography until we started going camping. I saw the outdoors in a completely different way- the detail in flowers, the different lightening throughout the day, the stillness of it all- how can you not snap a photo or two?! You know what else I realized- I’m kind of good at it 🙂

  5. Surfing – Don’t just stay in the mountains! If you have access to the beach, take advantage! Surfing is one of the best workouts out there! It can be challenging at times, but when you’re out in the water, cooling off from the summer heat, it won’t even matter if you catch a wave!

  6. Stand Up Paddleboarding– If surfing is too intense for you, grab a paddleboard and get moving! Stand Up Paddleboarding involves standing on an oversized surfboard and using one paddle to get around. You can take it on the waves or around the bay for a scenic workout!

  7. Outdoor Yoga– Take your indoor exercises outdoor! Do downward facing dog with your toes in the sand and the waves at your fingers tips or try the Warrior pose on the top of a mountain!

  8. Kayaking– I’ve personally never gone kayaking but it is definitely on my bucket list! Nothing sounds more fun during summertime than going down stream on a kayak! What sounds even better? Pitching a tent after!

Does you an awesome outdoor activity you want to share?!