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You know you're a hiker when

You Know You’re Outdoorsy When

1. You have to go to the bathroom in a public and think, can I just find a tree?
2. The thought of sleeping on the floor actually sounds comfortable
3. If an Apocalypse happens, you’re fully prepared

4. You can pack your backpack in less than 5 minutes
5. You start to hope for weather mishaps because “It would be fun”
6. You take necessities out of your backpack before a trip to test yourself
7. If someone asks you what 3 things you would bring with you on a deserted island, you list all survival tools- no need for an iPad, supermodel, or California burritos!
8. You’re friends don’t have to ask you what you’re doing this weekend because they know you’re camping, hiking, or doing something outdoorsy.
9. The power goes out at your house and its no big deal
10. Camping at a campsite with restrooms is a treat
11. You hesitate about going to a nice dinner for a night out but don’t think twice about dropping $300 on a new tent or sleeping bag
12. If someone asks you for directions and you say its within walking distance- but its miles away
13. You’d much rather take the stairs and park in the farthest spot because walking is fun!

Can anyone list any more You Know You’re Outdoorsy When… ?