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Let’s face it- there environment is harmed everyday and its our job to protect it! Here are 5 ways I try to help out the environment:

  1. Go camping! When you camp, you are outdoors- use flashlights and campfires for light and (hopefully) using water pumps for your drinking/ cooking water. By doing this, you will conserve what you would be using at home! And it lowers your electricity/ water bill!
  2. Go hiking! When I’m outdoors, it really makes me look around at the beautiful scenery and appreciate mother nature! You want to protect her!
  3. Carpool! You don’t want to ride to work or to a social gathering by yourself! Its nice to have some company- and you won’t be the first to arrive by yourself!
  4. Wear earth friendly products! I love my Repreve beanie (see video below). Repreve is a recycled fiber that helps turn plastics bottles (6 to make this beanie) and recycles them into cool products!
  5. Spread the word! Tell your friends how you help the environment by using #turnitgreen and watch for Repreve products at the Winter X Games!

I’m so excited to partner with REPREVE in this sponsored post and share with you how to #TurnItGreen!”

How do you help save the environment?