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This camping trip was a graduation gift for our oldest son, Devin, who just joined the US Navy. He chose the trip to a beautiful area called Modoc on Lake Thurmond in South Carolina.   Devin is just like his father and loves nothing more than to be outdoors. I can’t argue with them and prefer it myself! Most of our meals are served on the deck, or on the patio, and we love grilling and picnics!

 This particular trip was especially interesting because Devin chose the menu ALL based around unusual game foods. We had Rabbit Stew, venison burgers, alligator sausage, duck and quail. We had a wonderful time at Modoc with Devin and his friends and it was the last family outing we had with him before he moved to California to serve his country.

Take a peak at The Front Porch Gourmet. This site is full of yummy recipes- the Thai Chili Shrimp & Pineapple Fried Rice looked extra yummy!!