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favorite season for capming

There is a slight chill in the air, less bugs are flying around, and with the campgrounds growing silent, I can tell you this is my favorite time for camping!! This year has been awesome- we vowed to constantly go camping and after seeing every season, Fall is, by far, my favorite season because:

  • it’s getting chilly! Its not super hot where its uncomfortable and you’re worrying about heat stoke, and its not freezing where you have to wearing sixteen layers.
  • Say bye -bye to bugs!! I think this is my top reason! Its getting too cold for bugs! Spiders keep it to a minimum, rattle snakes aren’t a threat, and now when you feel something crawling up your leg, its mostly likely your pant leg brushing up on you!
  • Empty campsites! Back-to-school and holidays leave campsites deserted. Best part? You get first pick at your site and you can be as loud as you want 🙂

What is your favorite season? (I know I have a picture up of snow season but that’s because it runs at #2 on my favorite-camping-time list and I can’t wait to get covered in snow again!! )