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camping on a budget
I recently had a reader email me asking to lay out all the camping equipment costs since he was trying to cut down traveling expenses. That inspired me to write a “camping on a budget” blog because lets face it- our economy isn’t so hot and things are so expensive! So here are 7 ways to go camping on a budget:

  1. Don’t have a stove? Get a fire going! It is totally possible to cook all your yummy food on a fire than a stove! Just make sure to check fire regulations!
  2. Don’t have a tent? Sleep in your car! If you’re a first time camper, its probably going to feel more comfortable! Or you could always borrow a friend’s! Just make sure to roll it up nicely!
  3. Don’t have a sleeping bag? Get those blankets out! Especially when you’re car camping, its easy to get away with bringing items that aren’t “camping specific” items.
  4. Don’t want to pay for a site at a camp ground? Go somewhere else! Campgrounds around San Diego cost about $30/night so skip the fee and go off into the wilderness and set up camp on your own. Yes, you won’t have a flushable toilet with a sink and mirror but you will really test your outdoor skills… and probably have more fun!
  5. Save money on ice and water. Buy a few bottles of water (or a gallon) and freeze it. Use that as the ice for your cooler. As it thaws, drink it!
  6. Don’t get all fancy with your food choices! We camp because of the experience and food is definitely part of the experience! We buy cheap hot dogs and roast them over the fire. They last all weekend! No need to buy fine steaks or gourmet hamburgers!
  7. Join a rewards program like REI- at least if you spend money, you will get 10% back!

Looking over this list right now I’m thinking I need to do a camping budget for campers who need all the gear so stay tuned on the best budgeted products! Did I miss any budget tips? ANNDDDD….. if you ever have any questions about camping or want to suggest a post topic, please feel free to email me, Mandie, at girlycamping@hotmail.com !

Happy Camping!!!