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In N Out

If you are starting off at camping or hiking, or if you’ve been doing it for long time, I urge you to have a tradition! Our tradition? In N Out! Yummy, high-quality, fast food In N Out! *** If you don’t know what In N Out is or do not live in the 5 states its carried in, I highly urge you to try it when you get the chance! Never frozen, fresh burgers and fries with the simplest menu around! Ok, back to traditions. No matter what outdoor activity we do, we always hit up In N Out on the way back! When you’ve been hiking around for hours, camping for days, or in the sand for 48 hours, nothing tastes as good as this restaurant- trust me!! Having a tradition like this, makes the trip that much more fun! When you bring newbies along, its fun to include them in on the tradition! Maybe its not a restaurant but its a pit-stop, like a store or looking at beautiful mother nature. Our trip always feels complete once we finish our meals!

So… what’s your tradition?