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lifeline emergency kit

Hopefully I Never Have to Use These

Picture this: You are out on a beautiful Saturday morning, hiking through the mountains with not a care in a world. All you take along with you is a water bottle and a Cliff bar. The terrain is getting treturous and all of a sudden you slip and fall. You can’t put weight on your leg and there is a deep gash in your calf. What can you do with no leg support and blood loss? Hopefully this won’t happen but like I always say: being prepared is the best case scenario- always! While camping and hiking, I have with me an emergency kit. It’s small and contains medical aid supplies. But what if I were to get lost and not have food or water? Then what? Having not only an emergency kit, but a survival kit as well, can bring assurance that even though you are in trouble, you will be ok and survive! Lifeline makes great survival kits in different sizes from small, packable $30 1-person, 2-day kits to backpacks with emergency and survival goods that are 2-person, 2-day kits for $135. A smaller kit will have emergency water packets, whistle, poncho, waterproff matches, and handwarmers. Larger kits have those supplies as well as medical aid, radio, duct tape, and cable ties. You can always make your own too! Just make sure you have one on you at all times!

Happy Camping!!