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girly camping blogging e cardI will be the first to say I am not an expert! I don’t get paid to blog! But I do love it!

I got really frustrated at first and didn’t understand the whole “blogging” thing so here are 5 tips for beginning bloggers:

  • Blog about something you love to do or talk about! Don’t blog about something just because its popular- or not popular and you are trying to find the niche! Just blog about what you love! (I love camping and the outdoors)
  • Be Personal- which goes back to the whole “blog about what you love”. Stories are always best! It makes followers feel like they know you!
  • Don’t expect a thousand hits overnight! Be patient!! Blogs take time to become popular! Keep writing and people will become interested!
  • Use other social media outlets for your blog. You can connect Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Stumble Upon, and so on for blog postings and to discover new followers!
  • Try different ways of talking about your interest- for instance, I love camping so I post camping trips, camping tips, humor, news updates, and now… blogging tips 🙂

Happy Blogging!