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All Photos Courtesy of http://www.glamping.com

If you asked me what I thought about “glamping” yesterday I would have told you its for stuck-up, rich people who can’t handle being without their materialistic possessions for even a day. Harsh- I know! Until this morning (for real) I looked at my comments on my To Glamp or Not To Glamp poll and saw my Australian follower James’ comment:

“Any type of camping is camping. Whatever you enjoy…. go with it, as long as your out there… just do it !!!”

I thought, “You know what?! He is right! ANY camping is camping and that’s great if you are outdoors and enjoying nature!” So thank you James for enlightening me! So let me continue on to this glamping post…

Glamping- glamerous camping- has been super popular lately! I saw it on an episode of Real Housewives of Orange County where they went glamping and were literally bugging the sh*# out of the employees there (those ladies are a little high maintanence). I saw it on an interview with Rachel Bilson on Live! With Kelly and Michael where Rachel was saying she has been obsessed with glamping lately! I had to do some ressearch on glamping (www.glamping.com is a great website for information- great blog too) and I was a little shocked at the accomodations for these places!

First off, just about EVERYWHERE has glamping! Anywhere in the United States has it availbale from Southern California to Yellowstone Park to North Carolina. Other places outside the US are Africa, Asia, South America- anywhere! Second, these aren’t just tents. You can get a cabin, teepee, treehouse, or other options!! You don’t have to pack your dehydrated food, jet boil stove, water purifier, or matress pad when camping at these places. They are usually equip with an orthopedic mattress, electricity (that’s a miracle for camping), refrigerator, stove, coffee maker, shower, and drum roll please… heated tiles on the bathroom floor. Some of these getaways have five star restaraunts and wi-fi for all your social networking needs. Don’t even think you will get bored during your glamping adventure! Zip lining, horseback riding, moutain biking, whitewater rafting, and cooking classes are some activities that these glamping resorts offer. Oh, what’s that? How much- you say? Well these run anywhere from $100- $12,000 (including airfare). Maybe one day I will have the luxury of camping glamerously but for now I will take my dehydrated food and tent and enojy myself!

Happy glamping!