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So now you have conquered getting the idea in your head that you’re going camping but when you actually get there, set up your tent, take a quick walk around the campsite, and have a drink or two say to yourself, “Is this it??!!” Well here are some helpful little tips on what to do while camping (there are SOOO many things to do but here are my favorites):
1.) First and foremost, who you go with matters! If you are with your family and you don’t get along with them or “relate” to them, make sure you grab a good book and Sudoku while packing! If you are with your best freinds then you don’t need any entertainment! You know they are your best friends for a reason and you can have fun no matter where you go! If you are going with a group of friends that you don’t know to well, bring a board game! It makes things fun and you really get to know people.
2.) Take you hobbies outdoors! Read a book (I NEVER read and the last 3 times we went camping I read the whole Hunger Games series- amazing!!), write a story or a book or a blog, draw or paint- nature has a beautiful influence on the canvas! If you like to restore furniture and can’t bring a wooden rocking chair to restore, try a picture frame or a vintage lamp.
3.) Pan for gold!! I LOVE panning for gold and its a great workout! Plus, you bond with the boys!
4.) In school? What better than no electronic distractions!! Study for your big exam or write that 20 page history paper.
5.) Have a target practice session. We bring BB guns because they are easy to carry, safe, and can make a mean game of shooting beer cans anywhere!
6.) Get in tune with the fishies! My boyfriend LOVES to fish and because I’m not the best, I wait till he hooks one then I reel it in! Its fun and you feel like you do all the hard work!
7.) Plant a tree. What better way to get your nature on than to plant more trees!
8.) Bring night-vision binoculars! Its super scary at night when you see animals all around you but its really fun too! And you can actually see what comes out at night!
9.) Make friends with you neighbors! You never know when you will meet your Prince Charming or when you’ll run out of toilet paper!
10.) Hike!!! Its a great workout and you get to experience nature at its finest! Plus, when do you ever take a hike with friends or loved ones?! Come on people! Step away from the smart phone and get out there!
11.) Over 21?! Play drinking games! Just be responsible and curtious to your neighbors and Mother Nature!

Happy Camping!