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transition from summer to fall

9 Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall

As summer is coming to an end, its time to put our bathing suits away and bust out the warmer sleeping bags to prepare for camping in the Fall. With cooler weather, shorter daylight, and more sight seeing, here are 9 ways to transition from Summer to Fall:

Experience warmer climates- Camping in the desert may be too extreme the summer but with the temperature dropping, Spring and Fall are the ultimate seasons to go camping in warmer climates.

Sip hot cocoa-Cooler weather means colder nights and what better way to warm up than with hot cocoa around the campfire!

Don’t forget your camera– With beautiful colors surrounding the mountains and trees, channel your inner artistic side and snap some photographs!

Warmer sleeping bag- With the temperature dropping more into the fall season, be sure to bring a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable. Check the weather ahead of time so you know if your sleeping bag will be warm enough.

Sit around the campfire- The advantage of summer coming to an end is fire season coming to an end as well. Now we can sit around the campfire, roast those mellows, and make great memories!

Longer hikes- The temperature during the day is a lot cooler in the fall than in the summer. This allows you to stay active longer! Take those hikes from sunup to sundown!

More availability– School is back is session and the large crowds are gone. Campgrounds typically have more availability after summer- some don’t even need a reservation!

Have a good headlamp or lantern– With Daylight Savings Time ending in the fall, it will get darker earlier so be sure to have a good headlamp or lantern for those longer nights.

Beware of animals– They haven’t started hibernating yet, and while summer is over, this is a very active time for our furry forest friends. Be mindful of this and give them their space!