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Training in the off season

Stay In Shape With These Helpful Hints

If you’re a camper like me, you get antsy when you haven’t got your camping fix for a while! Maybe where you live prevents you from camping year-round  (weather? parks close? no time?)? I have a few tricks that help keep you from going crazy and get you into shape! And I’d love to hear your tips too!

  1. Hike!!! I feel hiking is about as close to camping as you’re going to get (except for the whole “sleeping outside thing”). If you weigh 150 lbs and you hike 1 hour, you can burn at least 530 calories (quoted from www.self.com) ! Umm, hello? That’s a good workout!
  2. Find a hill in your neighborhood and start walking! The hill is great if you are hesitant to start hiking!
  3. 3. While you’re at it- take your dog with you! My dog pulls because she’s so excited to get out there! The benefit? I use core strength to keep her tame! Ab workout and walk the dog?! Yes please!
  4. If you are a backpacker, add a backpack with weights to your hike or walk around the block! I’ve been gradually making my way to longer and longer backpacking trips but if you are only training during that backpacking trip, you may be struggling! Get toned up by training! Then you’ll be smokin’ the boys in no time 🙂
  5. Find peace with yoga! Camping always makes me feel calm, serene, peaceful, and less distracted- so does yoga! If you don’t make it out to the great outdoors, try a yoga sesh!

Does anyone else have any great tips to train in the off-season?