Please check out my friend’s new blog! She was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and wanted to share her story!

full life empty belly

Recently i have been creeping on a lot of random Instagram profile’s. Searching colon/hospital/sick people related hashtags and such. I decided to take my creepiness a bit further, looking through different blogs and websites. Seeing everyone’s photos, comments, and postings about what they have gone through or are currently going through really got me somewhat excited. Not in a weird sadistic way, but in a way that now, physically, i can see i’m not alone. Everyone was trying to live their life, hangout with friends, be with their family and basically be as close to happy as possible.

Granted, no two stories are the same, i have noticed people with UC or Crohn’s pretty much know how each other feels. It’s almost like when a cop drives by another cop and they give one another a nice little wave or nod. Side note: i sometimes do that to other Honda’s…

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