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Cuyamaca 11.18.12 081

Location: Cuyamaca Mountains, San Diego, California

Date: November 2012

Submitted By: Mandie

Explanation: So lets say you wanted to enjoy your double fiber whole wheat peanut butter sandwich but – uh oh! Now you gotta go! There are no bathrooms around and you may have to do the unthinkable – poo in the woods! Instead of cramping up and holding it in until civilization, you know what needs to be done – you gotta let it go! Just get over it, dig a hole, and let it go! You will feel so much better when you do and once you do it once, you will say “that wasn’t so bad”! Its like peeing in the ocean- everybody does it! And what better way to get in tune with nature than squat like your fellow forest friends? 🙂

Link: www.girlycamping.com

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