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Pacific Crest Trail

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Yesterday, my friends and I ventured off on yet another new hike. We were on a quest to find waterfalls in east San Diego along the Pacific Crest Trail! I say “quest” because it was, indeed, a quest along with an adventure! ***Tip #1*** Always map out where you are going! We arrived along highway 8 around 11:15 am and proceeded to walk east . After 1/2 a mile, we almost reached the top of a paved road we thought, “this is not the right way!” so around we turned and headed back to where we parked. Out came the cell phones to try to map our course. Then, we hiked into a campground and were heading south into the greenery for about 1/2 a mile where we came across flat land that no waterfall would ever live. Turn around! ***Tip #2*** Never rely solely on technology! Right when we were 2 miles deep into our “warm-up” hike, we reached our cars and someone yells, “There’s the trail!” Where was it you ask? Right across the street from where we parked! Now, 12:45 PM, we are headed off onto the Pacific Crest Trail where the hunt for the waterfall begins! We wound back and forth through the hills and to our surprise- finally! We found it- I think! When I think of waterfalls, I think of Hawaii- tall, beautiful bodies of water falling from the sky. It was technically a waterfall but maybe we should have hiked further back! All in all, it was a wonderful adventure full of surprises and a great 6 (or 7) mile hike and I will definitely do it again!!