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Allison and me

When Wearing Too Many Layers Gets to be Too Much!

We are heading back up to Cuyuamaca Rancho State Park next Friday and they are forcasting a cold one! It may snow as well and I’ve never camped while its snowing! I’m trying to be well prepared so I don’t complain too much! Two of my friends are getting a cabin right across from our campsite but I am promising myself not to crawl over there at 2:00 AM and ask if there’s room to cuddle. Check out these tips!
1.) Bring liquids that can be heated up by a fire- soup, coffee (with Baileys), tea. When you are sipping on warm liquid, it can definitely help with the cold weather!
2.) Always wait to add your layers! Never put all your layers on when you arrive! Start with the most minimal stuff- jeans, shoes, long sleeve tee. Once you start getting, cold trying to move around to warm up. If that isn’t helping, add ONE layer at a time-sweatshirt, scarf, leggings, gloves, jacket. Trust me- it will be warmer adding one item of clothing each hour for 6 hours than all at once (unless its that cold and it will keep you warm)!
3.) Bring blankets! Make sure your bed is nice and toasty when you crawl in! I like to sit around the campfire with a blanket- it helps a lot.
4.) Bring meals you have to cook. When you are actively doing something, like cooking, it tends to distract you from being cold.
5.) Always squeeze out a pee before bed! Nothing is worse than having to walk outside in the freezing cold to pee! It’s a rule– cold or not!!!