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what not to bring when camping

What NOT to bring when camping…

There are checklists for packing your bag but what about un-checklists? Some things you just don’t need! Here are 10 items you can leave at home:

  1. Television– most people would say “duh” but I think its more common than not for “campers” to pack a TV! Just leave it! And that includes shows on your fancy phone- turn it off! Why even go camping?!
  2. Clothing “Options”- what I mean is, you don’t need 2 heavy jackets or 3 pairs of jeans or 2 pairs of hiking boots- narrow it down to one! I know its hard, and I am a firm believer in looking your best outdoors, but for you backpack’s sake- and your back’s sake- leave the extra clothes at home!
  3. Beauty Appliances- there shouldn’t even be outlets to plug in curling irons, hair dryers, and electric razors… Didn’t anyone ever tell you rugged is the new sexy?
  4. Pillow– you shouldn’t bring anything you can make yourself. So bunch up your clothes in a pile or bring a zip lock bag a blow it up- either way, skip the pillow!
  5. Perfume or Cologne– I love deodorant! I love it so much I don’t even were perfume because I think it smells good in itself! Pass on the Clinique and go au natural- or at most bring Old Spice!
  6. Anything you don’t want to get dirty– seriously, just think about #6!
  7. Excess Kitchen Equipment- You don’t need your entire kitchen! First off, figure out what you’re going to cook. Eliminate anything you know you won’t use. Next, think about utensils you can use in more than one way!
  8. Excess Toiletries– hair products, shaving kit, face mask- skip the routine and rough it!
  9. Food that spoils– its one thing when you have a cooler but if you’re backpacking you want to bring food that doesn’t go bad quickly. Stick to dehydrated meals, canned food, and fruit. If you have a cooler, don’t bring too much food. Food doesn’t stay 100% and if you don’t eat it, it may go bad.
  10. Laptop– Leave your work at home! Enjoy the scenery! Laptops don’t belong outdoors!

Does anyone else have items that should never go in your backpack?